Address for Company Registration – Registered Address for company, personal and other business entity in Thailand. 

Panwa provides a comprehensive company registered address & Personal registered address for registration and mail correspondance. Our registered address are avilable for company registration, VAT registration, Social Fund registration, registered office, business mail address, company director address, mailing address and forwarding and other kinds of Government registration. We offer our registered address not only for company but also for all kinds of business entity who need an address in Thailand such as Representative Office address, individual address for tax purpose, address for your residence in Thailand. Our team have long experience in corporate and secretarial field and know in detail of Thai Government are needed so you can trust on our professional support.

Space and Virtual Office

We can provide not only registered address but also office space, virtual office, private desk (reserved desk),  telphone landline and secretary to coordinate with related Government Offices (Department), customers and suppliers.

Service Fee: address for company registration, business address and others is depends on option and requested;

  • Baht 12,000 per year is for individual registration.
  • Baht 18,000 per year is for ONLY company registration, can be refund for case of move out within 6 months.
  • Baht 36,000 per year is for company registration, VAT registration, Social Security Office and some government office department registration.
  • Baht 72,000 per year or Baht 6,000 per month, free a private desk with no charge for internet, electricity and other necessary of office usage.
  • Further service (if need):
    • At The Revenue Department, to register (or change VAT address) VAT to the Revenue Department is Baht 8,000.
    • AT Department of Business Development (DBD), to change address of company is Baht 8,000.
    • Free address’s document support for the first request but for the second time, onwards is Baht 2,000 per time.
    • Correspondence of mails and parcel are depending on requested option:
      1. Free of charge for informing the details by phone or email at the end of each day (4.30 P.M. to 5.00 P.M.).
      2. Baht 140 per time, upon your approval we will open the mail and scan to you via email. Our extra charge is Baht 140 per time of informing (no limit on number of mails).
      3. Baht 300 per time, normally you can send messenger or someone to pick up or collect your company mails and parcels at our office for free of charge but in case need our service to send via courier or postal office, our service fee is Baht 300 per time ( no limit number of mails or parcels), our fee is excludes courier cost or post.
  • Provide utility bill such as water bill, electronic bill, landline telephone bill under your name or company’s name.

Remark: Above fee is not applicable for company who has business of online trader or market place trader.

Scopes ; depending on service package and options.

  • Private desk (reserved desk)
  • Correspondence of mail and parcel are free of charge, we can take a photo and send via email / Line App / WhatsApp.
  • Coordinate and support to your guest when visit your office such as Government officer (The Revenue Department officer or Tax officer).
  • Meeting room and stationary support.
  • Business mail address
  • Registered office
  • Company directors address
  • Mailing address and forwarding.
  • Mailing and small parcel forwarding.
  • A dedicated phone number and forwarding.

Panwa can help you start your business in Thailand very fast and easy, if use our address you can get company within 2 working days. We also have many kinds of package to support you in the future such as monthly accounting, monthly tax, financial control, financial trusted account and etc.


Q & A

YOU 1:

YOU 2: There is some refundable if we use your address for a few month, as we are planing to rent our space at office tower.

Panwa: Our registered address can be rented for a while as short period, our option of Baht 18,00 (for ONLY company registration) is set for short period so we can refund you 50% or Baht 9,000 whenever your company moves out from our address within 6 months after incorporation date.

YOU 3: How to prove that our company is moved out, I may spend your address in other kind such as bank account and customer or supplier data.

Panwa: Understood that our address may be involved in many kind of third party,so Panwa are focusing on DBD address so we will request you to move our registered address out of company affidavit, when your company’s affidavit is moved out from our address is enough to prove that you are not using our address so we can transfer or refund you within 3 working days when we obtain the affidavit.

YOU: Can you help for this move address at DBD, I have new address with my girl home?

Panwa: Yes, we can provide for changing at DBD and Revenue Department (case of VAT registration).

YOU 4: If our company decide to buy your registered addres then we need to change address and register VAT at your place, do you provide such service as well if my provider can’t help.

Panwa: Yes, of course. We can provide for all kinds of corporate and secretarial services. You can visit our webpage at below:

YOU 5: Would there be any additional charges if parcels are delivered and temporarily stored on your side?

Panwa: Normally there is no charge and then we can take a photo and send you via email by free of charge, except for the further request as below details:

  • Baht 140 per time, we will open the mail and scan to you via email. Our extra charge is Baht 140 per day of informing (no limit on number of mails).
  • Baht 300 per time, normally you can send someone to pick up or collect mail and parcel at our office, case of need our support to courier or send at post office our service is Baht 300 per time (no limit on number of mails or parcels), our fee exclude cost of courier or post. The extra charge does not include other cost such as the courier/ postal expense/ travelling cost incurred in sending mails, will be charged on actual basis.The above scopes and service are not for online trading company who have many mail and parcel every day.

YOU 6: I am considering to start business in Thailand, I may not use your address but I am interested for company registration so I have some inquiry for shop house renting what point or matters I should consider before sign the contract.

Panwa: Thank you that you are interested on our company registration service and welcome to answer you for the point that should be considered before sign the rental contract, below are the main points:

  1. Supporting documents from the landlord (owner), they must support your document for company registration, VAT registration and other kinds that you are need for future registration. We have long experience in this registration and found that many Thai landlord they will say “Yes, you can use this place for business” but when ask for documents they will say “NO” due to most of Thai landlord they don’t like to pay their personal tax that’s why they don’t like you to use their document for Tax Registration.
  2. Withholding Tax, in Thailand the tenant will pay the monthly rental fee to the landlord which must deduct withhold tax for 5% and then your company have to pay to the Revenue Department within 7 days of the following month.
  3. Land Tax ( Previously called Property Tax), normally must be long to landlord so in contract must clearly read inside.

YOU 7: We register our entity as “Representative Office”, our project in Thailand is plan for 3 years. Could you please propose the fee and ask for some discount is possible?

Panwa: We are more welcome if you can sign for the period 3 years that we can give discount at rate 10%, and your business is Representative Office there is no VAT registration so our fee is Baht 18,000 per year for this 3 years is Baht 54,000 – 5,400 (discount) =  48,600 for 3 years period.

YOU 8: Our company has registered at other virtual office in Sukhumvit, but they can’t support for landline under our company name and possible transfer to our mobile phone that I alway in Malaysia, may I ask this service and how much for cost.

Panwa: We can serve for landline under your company name and the line can be transfered to your mobile phone. If your mobile phone open for roaming you can bring to use in Malaysia. All telephone expense will follow the bill that you can pay directly to the telephone company (both landline and mobile). At Panwa we will help you to install and transfer to your mobile we charge per year for this kind of service is Baht 6,000. Anyway if you need our support to pay for the bills of both company we also can support you too, in detail we can discuss in details later.

YOU 9: Our office consider to stop business in Thailand and will move from this tower to virtual office and do process of liquidation, we also have document to storage for 5 boxes, do you serve to cover these?

Panwa:  Yes, of course we serve cover liquidation, virtual office and storage services. You can move to our address with the fee of Baht 18,000 (for non VAT company) then to storage of 5 boxes is Baht 4,000 per year (or Baht 20,000 for 5 years). Case of choose our storage service 5 years-period, we can help to destroy at the end of the period if you agree and accept or we also can deliver to your country too.

YOU 10: Which location and what’s address if we decide to register our company at your place with VAT?

Panwa: We have 2 address ,

a. for company with VAT registration is located at 1562 Latphrao Road, Wangthonglang, Bangkok 10310 Thailand.

b. for non VAT company registration is located at No 3, Soi Latphrao 52, Latphrao Road Wangthonglang, Bangkok 10310 Thailand.



For more information, please feel free to contact us:

Phones: +66 2 933 9000
Whats'app: +66 81 919 6225 (Mr. Tana Sipa)


Sky train: Yellow Line, Chokchai 4 Station, Gate 4. Our office is located between Soi Latphrao 50 and 52.

Address: 1560 Latphrao Road, Wangthonglang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand.