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Auditing, special purpose auditing
Including subsidiary audit
IFRS auditing, audit under Group of audit requirement package
Nearly everyone realizes that applying IFRS in Thailand will be challenging. However, bringing Thai Accounting Standards (TAS) to be in line with IFRS would help investors to ensure transparency of financial data and would also be beneficial for those who are involved in cross-border trade.
Tax services, tax planning and consulting
Personal income tax, corporate income tax, value added tax (VAT), withholding tax, special business tax, stamp duty, etc.
Accounting and book keeping services
Monthly and yearly accounting entry, financial statement, reporting, etc.
Compliance with BOI requirement
Application for Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) privileges such as exemptions from restrictions..
Setting up overall accounting system
Manual and computerized accounting system, procedure, control, data input, and report producing.
Company setting up and all business license registration
Setting up and closing of business, planning and getting business licenses, visa and work permit services for foreign directors and employees..
Due diligence
Company investigation or evaluation to determine regulatory compliance status; review management policies and facilities; and identify problems and liabilities, and so on.
Payroll services and payroll solutions
Cancel – Closed company registration
A business that becomes insolvent may be forced by its creditors to stop operations and its existence.
Meeting, declaration and negotiation with Government sector
Board of Investment, Ministry of Commerce, Revenue Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, immigration Bureau, and the Department of Business Development, etc.
Company Secretarial Service – To do duties and responsibilities of company secretary to ensure comply with the disclosure and information of the Civil and Commercial Code of Partnership and Companies.
Secretarial services
Answering and making telephone calls and fax messages, e-mail and fax message correspondence, printing and faxing documents, messenger services like mail delivery, assistance in staff recruitment, etc.

Other services:
Setting up company: Company registration including Tax I.D. Number and VAT registration.
Start business package : Price options for doing business in Thailand through our services.
Dormant Company – accounting, auditing and corporate income tax and step of AGM.
Representative Office – Setting up a Representative Office (Rep Office) in Thailand is a good way for foreign businesses to explore business opportunities.
Registration for increasing capital – we provide assistance to our clients in registration of increase in paid up capital whenever their company needs to raise its capital.
Registration for decreasing capital – Panwa Group provides registration services for the decrease in paid up capital of the company whereas, there are 2 steps in registration of decrease in paid up capital.
Incorporated Document – Checking, duplication – transcribing from government and translation to English version.
Company Document Search – To check, scrutinize, duplicate- transcribe from government and translation to English version.
Liquidation – Closing Company – To liquidate, prepare financial statement and registration with Ministry of Commerce, return VAT and Tax ID card with The Revenue Department.
Chartered Accountant – Qualified (Certified) Accountant.
VAT Registration – To apply for Value Added Tax / Sales Tax / GST / VAT to The Revenue Department – Thailand.
Tax ID Number – To apply for a tax ID number to be a tax payer within 60 days since the date of incorporation.
Company Secretarial Service – To do duties and responsibilities of company secretary to ensure comply with the diaclosure and information of the Civil and Commercial Code of Partnership and Companies.
NGOs intending to operate in Thailand – Foreign NGOs intending to operate in Thailand must comply with the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare’s Regulations of B.E. 2541 (1998) .
NGO tax service – Tax Guidance for NGO, taxable income and calculation, exempt income, applicable tax rate and any kind of income tax.
Address for company registration – We provide our address in Bangkok, Phuket, Nonthaburi, Chumporn and etc for your registration in Thailand.
Storage service for company documents – under Thai law liquidated and incorporation companies are required to keep all company documents for five years after the date of liquidation or closing of accounting period.
Shareholder change registration in Thailand – we can complete the service within 1 day
Company address change registration – Panwa can help you to register a change in your Business address company. . Save your time, avoid trouble and comply with the Thai regulation. There is 2cases in registering a change of Business address.
Director Change Registration, Resolution for Change in designation of director in Thailand
Notary Public or Notarial Services Attorney – We provide an authentication (Certify) of Documents for use abroad, continuing study abroad, work, marriage, relocation (immigrant), apply for resident in other country, authentication (Certify) of translator, authentication (Certify) of Incorporation Documents for the purpose of investment and other purpose.
Shelf company / Ready made company for sale – we have a five years old company for sale (completion of VAT registration and all submission). This company is free for any liabilites.
Land search, Title Deed search, Land recorded duplication.
Phuket land for sale
Maikhao land for sale
Saiyuan house for rent