Import & export license, paperless code registration services

Service fee is Baht 10,000.

Procedure and Timeline

  • Step 1 we will prepare the application forms
  • Step 2 your director(s) come to our office for sign the application forms
  • Step 3 we will apply that license at Customs Department
  • Step 4 you come to our office again for pick-up all of original documents

Timeline : 1 working day.

Required documents

1.Copy of incorporation documents together with originals, such as Affidavit, company seal (BOJ. 3), Company Certificate, Phor.Phor. 01, 01.1, 20 and etc.
2.Copy of passport (every page) together with original , including the TM card.
3.Copy of book bank of your company, together with the original
4.Company seal

  • Import & export license can be applied after the company has bank account.
  • VAT or Non VAT company are able to apply for Import & Export license too.
  • Not allow for printed online bank account, so better please open company bank-saving account and give us original of bank book.


Q1: For apply import-export license, normally we need the original book bank of your company, but we ound out that you only opened for current account before and you only provide them only updated your internet banking by printing. Thus, for this matter, we would contact and discuss first with Customs Department if they would allow us to use bank statements printed from your internet banking also;

Panwa: we already have discussed with the Customs officer, they informed us that cannot use the printed form bank statements from your internet banking, you need to request form from the bank which mentioned your company name as well, or you can request for the bank certificate from the bank also can, which the bank certificate must also mentioned the company name, account number as well, which we have 2 options for you to request from the bank with details as below;
a. Request bank statement from the bank updated back from the 6 months until current month, which in the bank statement must be mentioned company name and account number.
b. Request bank certificate to guarantee that your company still have account until currently, which in the bank certificate must also mention company name and account number as well.

Q2: I understood that if I would like to apply for import – export license for my company, one of the requirements is the original book bank (under the company’s savings account). For this matter, in case my company have only current account, is it possible for my company to apply for import – export license?

Panwa: Yes, it is possible. Please be informed that for apply for import – export license can also apply using either Savings account book bank or Current account bank statement or bank certificate, which means your company can apply for import – export license even have only current account.

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