VAT Registration (Value Added Tax, Sales Tax or GST)

(To apply to The Revenue Department Thailand)

Any person or entity who is liable to VAT in Thailand must register to be VAT registered person or entity (Form VAT 01) before the operation of business or within 30 days after its income reaches the threshold. The registration application must be submitted to Area Revenue Offices if the business is situated in Bangkok or to the Area Revenue Branch Offices if it is situated elsewhere. Should taxpayer have several branches, registration application must be submitted to the Revenue Office where the headquarter is situated.

Service fee for VAT registration is Baht 8,000.
Timeline; we can finish step of registration within 1 working day.
Required documents for VAT registration.

Company’s evidences:

1. PP.01 (VAT application) Form 5 Sets
2. PP.01.1 (VAT requested application) Form 3 Sets
3. Copy of Affidavit (Not exceed 6 months) 1 set
4. Copy of Memorandum of Associate 1 set
5. Copy of Company Article
6. Copy of Minutes of Statutory Meeting
7. Copy of Shareholders’ List
8. Copy of Company Certificate
9. Copy of Tax ID Card
10.Copy of ID card of signatory director(s).
11.Copy of Housing Registration of signatory director(s).Business office’s evidences:
12.Permission Letter for using business office issued by owner
13.Copy of ID Card and House registration – owner 1 set (In case of owner is a juristic person, item no.13 will be waived and must be used below documents which are consisted of:

  • Copy of Affidavit and Objective of owner (juristic person), for 1 set each.
  • Copy of ID card of the signatory director(s) (juristic person) for 1 set each.
  • Copy of House registration of the signatory director(s) (juristic person) for 1 set each.
  • Copy of office rental agreement.
  • *** Copy of title deed may be required to present, if the company can’t support the evidence of House Registration of their owner.

14. Location map 2 sets.

15. Photograph of office with present the address no. and company sign-board 2 sets.


  • All above must be certified by signatory director(s) except item no.12 – 13.
  • Case of the company was set up by Panwa Group item no. 1 – 9 will prepared by Panwa Group.
  • Case of foreigner using Copy of Passport instead of ID. Card.

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