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  • Issue share ceriticate is Baht 3,000.
  • Issue share book is Baht 5,000
  • Share Trasfer agreement is Baht 1,500.
  • Arrange and up date shareholders’ list is Baht 5,000.
  • Chang name or surname of shareholder in Sharehlderlist and update at Government is Baht 5,000.

A share certificate is a certificate issued by a company to prove the shareholder have right on this share. There are 2 kinds of share certificates:

  • Share with specified holder’s name
  • Share without specified holder’s name, this kind of share can be issued under these conditions:
  1. Unless declared into company article
  2. The capital had been fully paid up.

For transferring the specified shareholders’ name, the agreement must be prepared and both transferrer and transferee will sign with at least 1 witness will sign too.

For transferring the unspecified shareholder’s name can be done only by delivering share to the new shareholder.

Issue Shares Certificate

The company must issue shareholder to each shareholder by free of charge, shareholder has the right to request for certificate in respect of the shares to certain shareholder. However, most of the company does not issue the share certificate to shareholders practically. When there is a dispute about the right of shares held, shareholder will have difficulties or problems in verifying or proving the facts and it may result to legal actions such as lawsuit filling in the court.

Share Certificate must contain:

  • Certificate number
  • Company name and number
  • Registered capital, total number and each par value
  • Name of shareholder
  • Number of share(s)
  • Shares No(s)
  • Amount paid up per share
  • Issued Date
  • Signature of director


Shares issued by capital’s increasing.

When a company increases capital by issuing new shares, the director must issue a new share certificate with the number of newly issued shares following from the last number of the original shares of the company to submit new shareholders’ list. In case the company registered for increased capital, the company must specify separately for the old shares and new share numbers in order to show that the company issued new shares. Expropriation of share certificates is when the company recalls all the existing share certificates from the shareholders, and issues the new share certificate to the shareholders.

Rearranging Shares Number

The company can issue the new share certificate by rearranging the share number in the shareholder’s list, the number of specific shares, the new rearranged share number and also put the date, specific date, month, year that shareholder certificate was issued to the shareholder. As for the date of registration, the details such as the date, month and year that the shareholder received the notice in the share certificate book must be clearly specified.

However, any changes in the shareholders’ list are considered as an internal matter of the company, therefore if the company’s director proceeds for any amendment on  the company’s share certificate book information and would like to submit for update the shareholders’ list immediately, then the company is  required to prepare the letter for request of change shareholders’ list (as certified by the authorized director) and or the company could also submit it in one time at the end of the year, together with the financial statements submission at DBD  (which the shareholders’ list must be same date with the AGM date).


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