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Storage service Thailand – Company Documents Storage Service

Panwa Group of Companies offers company-document storage solutions to companies that have been liquidated as well as companies that are still in operation.

Due to the fact that under Thai law liquidated and incorporation companies are required to keep all company documents as stated in the Accounting Act, B.E. 2543 (2000) for five years after the date of liquidation or closing of accounting period, we offer this service to both Foreign and Thai clients not wishing to keep these documents personally for whatever reason. We will store the documents on behalf of you in our safe storage area.

You can be certain that your documents are safe at Panwa Group of Companies. If any government department requests the documents for whatever reason they are available at any time.
After the mandatory five years we will destroy the documents by means of shredding and dispose the information on behalf of you.

Fee: We charge an annual fee depending on the amount storage boxes. Per storage box: THB 1,000 per year.


Q1. We would like to check whether you provide document storage service (15 carton boxes) together with a registered office address.

Panwa: Yes, we provide for documents storage and registered office address as well,

  • a. for storage serve for 15 boxes is charged is Baht 800 per box per year and
  • b. The registered address is Baht 18,000 per year for non-VAT company or Baht 36,000 for VAT company.

Q2. We heard that in Thailand, the documents need to be located inside the registered office address. Is this true?

Panwa: Normally Yes, but aslo be allowed to storage at other places too if you get permission from Ministry of Commerce and Revenue Department (only case of VAT registration). If need we can help you for this.

Q3. After 5 years, can you help us send all boxes to our office in Singapore? Have any charges at that time?

Panwa: Yes, we can support for those scope too, but for the sending cost is depend on the provide such as Fedex, Thai Post and etc. Such as ship to USA if via Fedex is approximately Baht 3,500 per box but for Thai Post is approximately Baht 1,500 per box.  Anyway we can help you to compare for your dicision.


For more information, please feel free to contact us:

Phones: +66 2 933 9000
Whats'app: +66 81 919 6225 (Mr. Tana Sipa)


Sky train: Yellow Line, Chokchai 4 Station, Gate 4. Our office is located between Soi Latphrao 50 and 52.

Address: 1560 Latphrao Road, Wangthonglang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand.