Notary Public – Bangkok, Thailand

Fee: Depend on the case; between of Baht 2,000 per case.

*** Discount will be applied for using our service more than 2 cases



Our lawyers can visit your office anywhere in Thailand to discuss about your business, project that require notary public services.

  • Authentication (Certify) of Documents for use abroad.
  • Authentication (Certify) of Documents for continuing study abroad.
  • Authentication (Certify) of Documents in order to work, marriage, relocation (immigrant), apply for resident in other country.
  • Authentication (Certify) of translator.
  • Authentication (Certify) of Incorporation Documents for the purpose of investment, to operate as joint venture or in other purpose.
  • Authentication (Certify) of individual documents, marital status, birth certificate, death certificate, change name and surname certificate and etc.
  • Authentication (Certify) of documents for immigrant.
  • Authentication (Certify) for jobs & works certificate.
  • Authentication (Certify) of signature by personal meeting and witness.
  • Authentication (Certify) for passport.
  • Other authentication (certify) for the oath, compromise for the law cases and etc.

Our notary public can certify documents with the same quality as the Department of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. These services cover the following areas:


1. Authentication (Certification) for translated documents

  • Translated documents from Thai to English
  • Citizenship registration documents and individual documents such as birth certificate, death certificate, I.D. card, alien (foreigner) card, house registration, name change, surname change.
  • Family documents such as marriage certificate, divorce certificate, divorce registration, protege? children registration, document issued by the district office proving one is single.
  • Registration documents and incorporation documents such as company certificate, commercial certificate, company affidavit, company memorandum, shareholders’ list, audited financial statement, completion of tax liquidation and etc.
  • Education documents such as qualification, degree, education certificate, in case the certificate (degree) is issued by a private institution, it must be approved by the Ministry of Education.
  • Other types of documents such as authorization certificates for recruiting labor to work oversea, driving license, etc.
  • Translated document from English to Thai


2. The Authentication (Certification) of the signatory person’s signature consists of:

  • Commercial documents such as invoices and certificates of origin, need to be certified by Ministry of Commerce, The Thai Chamber of Commerce or The Federation of Thai Industry.
  • Financial document such as financial certification issued by banks and signed by signatory person of each bank.
  • Authorization letter (under company) the authorized person must be directors as mentioned.
  • Authorization letter (personal) with grantor must sign before notary public.
  • Other certification such as goods analysis certificate and letter of good practice or any certificate issued by related government sector.


3. Authentication (Certification) of documents issued by the Thai government.

  • Citizenship document and individual documents such as birth certificate, death certificate, ID card, passport and etc.
  • Family registration such as marriage certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, never marriage declaration.
  • Registration document and incorporated documents such as company certification, commercial certification, company affidavit, company memorandum.
  • Education documents such as qualification document, certification certificate, degree, certificated letter from education institution.
  • Copy of ID card.

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