Incorporated documents in Thailand

(Checking, duplication – transcribing from government and translation to English version)

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The incorporated documents must be kept with the company and be declared when requested by officer or other parties; these documents may need to be updated depending on the kind of documents and using objectives. The essential importance of these documents is that it ensures that the rights and obligations of your company are still same as registered or intention as you requested for its registration.

The following issues must be carefully checked:

  1. The completion of incorporation documents.
  2. Some of incorporated documents had presented in a place where it can be seen easily.
  3. Some of incorporated document must be updated following the objectives that it uses.
  4. The rights and obligations of the shareholder or director are still the same as the original intention.
  5. The necessary compliance had been done follow the Commercial and Civil Code.
  6. Without any risk on shares that you keep, or someone keep on behalf of you.

Our fee: We at Panwa Group are aware that these kinds of documents are very important to your company, therefore we would like to present you our services covering the matters above.


Option A. Document search and duplication – Incorporated documents.

a. Documents search at Department of Business Development, the start rate is Baht 2,000 and will be plus each Baht 200 for the second kind of documents and onwards.
b. Documents search at other government sector will be charged base on place, the second and onward place is Baht 2,000 per place plus Baht 200 per kind of documents.
c. Translation to English version, if need our fee charge at rate Baht 500 per piece.


Option B. Inside Company checking – Incorporated document

Step1. Panwa will send a legal staff to check all incorporated documents at your office, our fee is Baht 3,000 per day excluding traveling cost.

Step2. Case of found some documents lost, we will propose you to duplicate from government, our fee will be charged by kind of document such as:

  1. The Ministry of Commerce; we start at rate Baht 2,000 and will be plus each Baht 200 for the second kind of documents and onwards.
  2. The Revenue Department and other government sector; if needed, our starting rate is Baht 2,000 and plus Baht 200 per kind of document.

Step3. We will do translation of all documents; our rate charge is Baht 500 per piece. Step4. We will set up the file for keeping of all incorporated documents follow our system and then scan you all files with written on CD and return to you; our fee is Baht 2,000.

Remark: You can either choose or not choose some steps above depending on your need.


Option C. One year look after contract – Incorporated document.

We will take care your documents for all hiring time with contract at least 1 year our fee includes updating its document including duplicate (if any), our fee will be charged at rate Baht 3,000 per month, exclude government fees for duplicate or updating its documents.


What kind of incorporated documents that you can duplicate

An ordinary person has the right to scrutinize and request for the certificate or to transcribe the document already registered or requested to Department of Business Development without involving in the business. The person has to pay the legally stipulated charge. Documents available for scrutinizing, requesting and transcribing:

  1. Registered documents of a registered ordinary partnership.
  2. Registered documents of limited company.
  3. Registered documents of public company.
  4. Registered documents of business operation of Alien.
  5. Financial Statement of registered ordinary partnership, limited partnership, foreign juristic person and joint venture on the Revenue Code.
  6. Shareholder lists of limited company and public company.
  7. Commercial registration (of an ordinary person, of a group of person or non-registered ordinary Partnership) Remark: documents item no. 5 – 7 cannot provide the certificate.

Anyway, we still provide duplicate or transcribe with other sector of government such as The Revenue Department, Social Security Department and etc.

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