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First of all, your visit on our website especially this page “setting up company in Thailand” is very much appreciated. We do hope our information will be satisfied to you and will solve all of your queries; we try to summarized related knowledge, procedures, find the easy way and also the resolution to attain the completion of setting up company of yours here in Thailand.

Many times when I heard that “it’s very difficult to set up business in Thailand”, you know what I want to say, “it’s not difficult, you see Carrefour and Tesco Lotus can carry on business in Thailand and they have many branches across the country nevertheless they make a huge profit every year”. Actually you should meet the expert advisor who has long experience to help you to give advise to you not only on the setting up of company but also on the tax structure, regulations related to your business and also accounting system and financial control, that’s why I can say it’s not difficult when we compare with opportunity on the profitable on your business.

Before becoming to this page, as I am auditor and advisor, I’ve got a lot of queries and met many affected results from the misusage of incorporation law and in-conversant foreigner into Thai Tax Structure and also regulations related to its business, some of them close business and move back to their home country, some met the effects on a huge tax amount and penalty and some still in the judicial process of disputation about ownership of the company and all assets. Whenever I heard these points, my feeling is so bad that’s why I try to summarize this page for you who have endeavor to carry on business in Thailand.

As I am auditor who are very conservative in publishing information and try to set framework content for you to clarify on overall structures, some content and information are hardly to disclose and explain on this publication, in case of you have further information or need to know in deep details of any matters related to setting up company in Thailand, you can contact me either via email at or phone +66 2 933 9000.

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