​Time for company registration

The registration of Thai company can be accomplished on the same day as the registration, the Memorandum of Association provided that all registered shares have been subscribed, a statutory meeting is held to transact the business with the presence of all promoters  and subscribers, and all promoters and subscribers have approved the transacted business. The promoters hand over the business to the directors and the payment of at least 25% of the total shares has been paid by the shareholders.

Tax ID number is automatically generate to follow the registration number (same number) and then the company can register the Employer account under the Social Security Act. Company’s bank account also can be opened immediately in the same day of registration.

VAT registration and certificate, normally company must apply (register) when the the company generate income reach to Baht 1.8 million per year, anyway the company also can register in the same day of company registration too but must declare reasons into Form PP.01.1.

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