My company address is in Khon Kaen province, and I would like to register VAT now. Kindly advise us if you can assist us to register VAT at Khon Kaen Province. And how much your cost?

Panwa: Yes, we can assist you to register VAT, which we have 2 options for VAT registration as the following:

  1. VAT registration by paper – this is the normal, traditional way for applying for VAT, which our staff goes directly at Khon Kaen RD to register your company for VAT. On that same day, the officer will issue the temporary VAT documents (PP.01 and PP.01.1) first while waiting for the VAT certificate (PP.20) to be issued and sent directly to the company’s address (around 1-2 months) later. If used this way, the traveling cost would not be avoided, due to we need to register VAT at RD where your company’s address is also.
  2. VAT registration online – if you would like to avoid any traveling costs, we can also register at RD online, however, for this step, the RD officer have to check and visit directly at your company’s address and the owner or someone from your company must standby to meet the officer. For VAT documents (business office/address documents, it must also be prepared in advance, due to the officer might request for it). Anyway, the officer will notify you within 20 days for the date and time that they will come to check your place or some area they random check directly without notify.


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For more information, please feel free to contact us:

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