Our experienced professional team of accountants, auditors and negotiators will be responsible for your business and company. We offer you quality timely services in the fields of:


Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

  • Bookkeeping and prepare financial statement as specified period such as monthly report, quarterly report, half/mid year report.
  • Yearly accounting service, this kind of service will be done 1 year 1 time which can be served only small size company.
  • Dormant company, as yearly package covers accounting, auditing and yearly corporate income tax services with the fee at Baht 13,000 per year. Further information click here.
  • Monthly accounting which actually will be serve as a package which covers for tax and social security (if having employee) the fee will start at Baht 5,000 for small size company.
  • Accounting with specified period such as monthly or quarterly report and etc.
  • Accounting for foreign organization such as NGO, Branch of Foreign Business Entity, Representative Office.
  • Provide Chartered Accounting or Registered Account who has qualification under Accounting Act B.E.2543 and Accounting Profession Act B.E.2547 to register/ apply to Department of Business Development as your company’s accountant. (You can serve cost for seminar and membership of FAP)

Tax Services

  • Monthly and yearly of all kind of company tax which covers for corporate income tax, half-year tax, monthly tax, withholding tax (PND.3, 53 Form), VAT, Special Business Tax, Salary Tax (PND.1) and etc.
  • refund and negotiation services
  • tax clearance
  • tax planning
  • liaison with tax authorities, assistance in tax audit/ review by authorities
  • tailored staff training


  • Audit in accordance with Thai Standards (TSAs) for ordinary company
  • Audit under head office/ related company’s requirement
  • For NGO for both registered and unregistered in Thailand
  • Special audit
  • Stock taking, Inventories observation assistance.


  • consulting for investment in Thailand covering for: types of business registration and its privileges, how become majority ownership and controlling, tax benefit or incentives, register under Treaty of Amity and etc.
  • Consulting for accounting standard covering
  • Consulting for tax covering Direct tax and Indirect tax in Thailand,  Tax allowance, Double tax and international tax
  • Consulting for Labor act.

Corporate and company secretarial

  • Company registration and setting up business
  • Limited partnership registration, group of person registration, all kind of business entity registration
  • Modification all kind of incorporated documents
  • Shareholder, share certificate, shareholders’ list share book control, share transfer agreement
  • Change of Business Registration Particulars; change address – business objectives – name – seal – director – partner – shares – capital and etc.
  • Corporate Bank account; saving bank account, current bank account, internet banking with token devices for else where accessible.
  • Tax ID for foreign business entity and individual
  • VAT registration
  • Licensing and permission, depended on kind of business operation and area such as Import-Export license, TAT license, Money Exchange license, Factory license, Foreign Business license and etc.
  • Company liquidation and dissolution, VAT cancellation, Tax clearance. Some case customer can come or visit our office for signing only 1 time so you can leave Thailand without any concerning.
  • Shares, Shares Certificate and controlled book, Shares Transfer agreement, Shareholders’ list preparation and update.
  • Social Security Fund registration.
  • Notary Public by Lawyer, accountant, auditor or secretarial company.
  • Company Document search and certified by registrar


  • Translation for incorporated document and business document.
  • Documents storage for case of company liquidation.
  • Address for company registration (non-VAT company)
  • Land search with/ without certified by registrar.
  • House for sale and rent at Saiyuan, Phuket
  • Representative for registration all over Thailand
  • Registered Accountant (Chartered Accountant) who has qualification under Accounting Act B.E.2543 and Accounting Profession Act B.E.2547