Change of Director’s name and last name 

Panwa Group, we can assist for amending any changes to company such as director first name or last name which our service fee is as below

Service fee 5,000 Baht

Government fee

200 Baht

Timeline : 1 working day

Generally, it doesn’t need to register for the change but can prepare the application forms and then submit directly to the registrar together with the following document:

  1. Form for change of name and last name
  2. Change name certificate
  3. Copy of ID card or passport as signed by the authorized director/ partner/applicant who would like to change
  4. Power of Attorney

Document submission location; In case the head office address of the company is located in Bangkok can submit documents at the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) or Department of Business Development (DBD) 1-6.

And if the head office of the company located in Province, can submit documents at Provincial Commercial Office that the area of office is located.

For further information please contact our office at:

Tel: 02 933 9000


WhatsApp: +66 81 919 6225