Shareholder Change Registration in Thailand

by Panwa Group of Companies

Procedure and Timeline:

Our procedure can be completed within 1day.
Once we have received the required documents, we will prepare the application forms for you and we will request the director to sign.

Fee is Baht 3,000.

  • In case of sending documents to be signed outside Thailand, the above fee will have an additional charge of Baht 3,000.
  • Case of need us to provide “Share Transfer Agreement” the additional fee is Baht 1,000 per set.
Provision Cost – Change of Shareholder registration (Provided by Panwa)  Baht
Service fee 5,000
Government fee 50
Total Cost 5,050

Required Documents:

1.Copy of the new Shareholder’s ID card (if Thai nationality) or Passport (if foreigner) and copy of the old Shareholder’s ID card (if Thai nationality) or Passport (if foreigner), 1 set
2.New Holding Structure and Old Shareholders’ list (or BOJ.5)
3.Copy of a declaration of amount of money transferred from the old to the new shareholder, 1 set.

For more information, please feel free to contact us:
Phone : +66 2 933 9000
Fax: +66 2 933 6120