Shareholder Change Registration in Thailand

by Panwa Group of Companies

Procedure and Timeline:

  • Our procedure can be completed within 1day.
  • Once we have received the required documents, we will prepare the application forms for you and we will request the director to sign.

Fee is Baht 3,000.

  • In case of sending documents to be signed outside Thailand, the above fee will have an additional charge of Baht 3,000.
  • Case of need us to provide “Share Transfer Agreement” the additional fee is Baht 1,000 per set.

Provision Cost – Change of Shareholder registration
(Provided by Panwa)

Service fee
Government fee
Total Cost

Required Documents:

  1. Copy of the new Shareholder’s ID card (if Thai nationality) or Passport (if foreigner) and copy of the old Shareholder’s ID card (if Thai nationality) or Passport (if foreigner), 1 set
  2. New Holding Structure and Old Shareholders’ list (or BOJ.5)
  3. Copy of a declaration of amount of money transferred from the old to the new shareholder, 1 set.