During the Covid-19 situation, I wasn’t able to come down to Thailand due to border closures, kindly let me know if we register the company with VAT now to enable me to apply for Immigrant Visa type B to come to Thailand and later after I come can we cancel VAT registration?

Panwa: We have noted of your points, and you can register a company with VAT registration and later apply immigrant Visa type B for come to Thailand, but kindly note that if the company is registered VAT, it’s not easy to cancel VAT immediately due to it has to maintain at least 2-3 years as VAT registered before you can cancel VAT registration. Also note that it depends on the area of Revenue Department which some area may take longer time than that to cancel VAT registration. Anyway, we could assist for the company registration together with VAT registration service, please click here for our services fee. 


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