Director Changing Registration

Service fees: is Baht 12,000

Procedure and Timeline:

  • Our procedure will be completed within 16 days, assume that we have obtained the required documents we need before end of last month, the simple process and timeline of Change Director Registration would be as below.
Day Procedures
Day 1 STEP 1. We will advertise the change of director in a local newspaper and we will send an invitation letter for a shareholders meeting.
To comply with the Thai law, company must send an Invitation Letter for Meeting to the Shareholders with to inform the Change of Director. The letter must be sent to the shareholders by local post (with advice of delivery) and advertised in the local newspaper. This process will be taken effect within 7 days.
Day 7 STEP 2. We will prepare the application forms for you and we will request the director to sign these forms in our office.
Case of director stay in oversea, he/she should come to sign registration form in Thailand with enclose the copy of Passport declaring of arriving date that’s mean signing will be done in Thailand.
Day 8  STEP 3. We will submit the form of Change of Director to the D.B.D ( Development Business Department ). Within this day we also will duplicate the up dated company’s affidavit with inside will show the new board of director.
Required Documents:
  • Copy of the new Director’s ID card (if Thai nationality) or Passport ( If foreigner) and copy of the old ID card (if Thai nationality) or Passport ( If foreigner) ,1 set.
  • Copy of the affiliate company, 1 set.
  • Copy of the shareholders list, 1 set.
Provision Cost
Change of Director registration Baht
Service fee 12,000
Plus Legal process (if need) 3,000
Estimated Government Fees (depend on new coming and out of directors) 1,450
Advertisement in local newspaper 800
Estimated Postage for invitation letter of the meeting 200
Total cost 17,450


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