Requesting work permit is a mandatory thing for foreigners who plan to work in Thailand and Panwa can assist in the process of duplication the documents for submitting to Ministry of Labor Office. In duplication the documents, there is two government agencies that have to be deal is Revenue Department and Department of Business Development. For preparation documents, we can assist for preparing some required documents and can be discussed case by case.

Revenue Department – Duplication of documents

For duplication the documents, the service fee and the working day will be differ based on documents submission of your company to the revenue department. In case of your company submit the company documents by online, we can finish duplication within 1 working day. In case of your company submit the company documents by paper, it will take 3 – 7 working days. The below service fee is exclude of government fee.

Service Fee is Baht 4,000 Baht for online submit

Service Fee is Baht 5,000 for submit by paper

You will receive the duplicated documents as below
  • Value Added Tax Return (PP.30)
  • Withholding Income Tax Return (PND.1)
  • Income Tax Return for Companies or Juristic Partnerships (PND.50)

Required documents

  • Company Affidavit
  • Power of Attorney
  • Passport/ID card of director

Department of Business Development – Duplication of documents

Service Fee is Baht 2,000.

You will receive the certified documents as below
  • Company affidavit
  • Shareholder lists (BOJ.5)
  • Financial Statement

Required documents for applying work permit for first time or reapplication

  • A copy of Thai Company Registration and a copy of recent shareholders’ list. (Updated within 6 months) Or foreign juristic person needs to submit a copy of Business Operation License of such foreigner and document about money import.
  • Copy of VAT registration; form Phor Por 01 identifying type of business and Form Phor Por 09 if there is any changes.
  • In case of foreign employer, a copy of employer’s work permit is needed. If the employer is not working in Thailand nor has no work permit, Power of Attorney certified by Notary Public and Thai Embassy is needed.
  • Company engaging any business which is a license from the relevant Authority is needed, for example: Factory License, Restaurant License, Liquor License, Cigarette Licenses, Hotel License, Tourism License, Hospital License, Chemical Import License, etc.
  • A copy of Social Security Payment
  • A copy of updated Income such as Balance Sheet and VAT Payment; Phor Por 30
  • Map showing the location of company/enterprise

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