Exchange Control 

The Exchange Control Act, BE 2485 (AD 1942), as amended, governs all matters involving foreign exchange. As a rule, all matters involving foreign currency are regulated by, and require the permission of, the Bank of Thailand. Since May 22, 1990, however, foreign exchange control has been considerably relaxed by the bank of Thailand. At present, certain transactions in Thai bath or foreign currency can be performed virtually without restriction, and only a few require approval from the Bank of Thailand

Currency Regulation


Thai emigrants who are permanent resident abroad, foreigners temporarily staying in Thailand for not more than 3 months, foreign embassies, international organizations, including their staff with diplomatic privileges and immunities, may normally bring foreign currency and negotiable instruments into Thailand without limit. They may also freely take out of the country all foreign currency they had brought in, without limit. Individuals in transit, however, may not take out Thai currency exceeding 50,000 baht per person except for trips to Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and Vietnam, where an amount of up to 500,000 baht is allowed. There is no restriction on the amount of Thai currency that can be brought into the country.


There is no restriction on the amount of foreign currency a resident may bring into Thailand. However, all such currency must be sold to, or deposited into a foreign currency account within 360 days of receipt or entry into the country.


There is no restriction on the amount of foreign currency transferred info Thailand for direct or portfolio investments. Such foreign currency, however, must be sold or deposited into a foreign currency account with an authorized bank, within 360 days from the date of receipt or entry into the country.Repatriation of investment funds and repayment of overseas loans, are freely permitted subject to submission of supporting document to an authorized bank.

Please note that any person who bring into or takes out of Thailand foreign currency bank notes or coins in an aggregate amount exceeding USD 20,000 or equivalent at market rate must declare such funds to Customs Officer. Furthermore, any transaction involving the sale, exchange, withdraw or deposit foreign currencies in an amount exceeding USD50,000 or its equivalent shall be reported to an authorized bank in a  Foreign Exchange Transaction from as prescribed by the Competent officer.

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