How to protect the ownership of this investment (invest into a Thai company with the holding structure between Thai : Foreigner (49%:51%).

Panwa: We can design to prevent any disputation of ownership and the execution power (voting right) still on your hand by the following ways:

We can help you to engage Thai people to hold shares on your behalf and let them sign into “Share Transfer Agreement” by blank in receiver and date (you can change to anyone anytime).

The Thai shareholder(s) will hold only the preferred share (preference share) with specific voting right such as 10 shares can be only 1 vote meanwhile the common share will be hold by your side which can be 1 share for 1 vote, by this your side will have 49 votes meanwhile Thai has only 5 votes. That means every time you have vote,  your side will always win.


Actually we can arrange Thai shareholder to hold shares on your behalf and they are not our staff  working in our company so they will not know any activities of your company and of course they will not involve into your business activities even though shareholding meeting and dividend (if any).
When the Dividend will be paid in future, there is no need to pay or transfer to them, your company can give me a withholding tax certificate to prove your payment and in order for them to file their personal income tax.

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