I’m a retired tourist (62 year old) and I travel and live in Thailand in 1 year which I spent my saving and pension money obtained from my country. I would like to know if I need to pay the personal income tax in Thailand or not?

Panwa: Please note that you do not have the source of income in Thailand but have the assessable income from the source income in overseas (which is by bringing the saving or pension money from overseas to spend in Thailand), it have the tax burden/responsibility as following:

1) if you bring the previous year pension to spend in Thailand, it is not subjected for payment of  the personal income tax.

2) if you obtain the pension from your country and bring it to spend in Thailand in the same tax year that the pension was obtained and you stay in Thailand a period or many periods totaling 180 days up per tax year,  such obtained pension brought to Thailand is subjected to file the personal income tax.

Anyways, if you need further assistance for personal income tax filing, kindly note that we could assist for such click here

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