If the Company have processed the deduction of withholding tax and filed on behalf of the payer/customers (juristic person), the Company need to issue the withholding tax certificate immediately every time the tax is withheld according to the Revenue Code section no. 50 bis (3) or not?

Panwa: In case Company withhold the tax on behalf of payer, the Revenue Department lenient to the payer do not issue certificate immediately every time tax is withheld. So, the Company do not need to issue certificate every time of payment but the Company still have the duty of withholding tax every time of such assessable income payment and should prepare the detail of withholding tax items to be the withholding tax certificate, the detail of withholding tax items should have at least details as below:

  1. The word is “ detail of withholding tax items for the month of ….. year…..” that notice clearly.
  2. The name, address and tax id number of Company, person who withheld tax with the sentence “ as substitute of payer of income follow the name list mentioned in this document”
  3. The type of income 
  4. The name and tax id of payer, the amount of payment and  withholding tax
  5. the signature of the person who is responsible for withholding the tax

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