If the Company have processed the deduction of withholding tax and filed on behalf of the payer/customers (juristic person), we can use the letter of notification and responding via email as appointing agent to deduct the withholding tax between customer to certify that there is deduction  of the withholding tax on behalf of them (without issuing other document to certify tax withheld again) or not?

Panwa: Please note that to certify that the Company have processed such matter on behalf of them, please mention the additional sentence in the receipt/tax invoice “ the Company have deducted the withholding tax at rate …… in amount of Baht …… on behalf of payer already and will submit such tax to the Revenue Department within 7th of the following month ” which the Company need to scan or print the signature of the authorized person on the receipt/tax invoice also. Anyway, we provide accounting, tax and auditing services please click here

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