We are a printing house and would like to discuss for tax point; we proposed the fee for printed form to our client at 20,000 set each;  Baht 2 (exclude VAT) after they agreed on proposal, our production print the form and delivered them, together with issue the temporary delivery note (we did not yet issue invoice and tax invoice, also did not yet receive the payment), do we need to issue the tax invoice when receive the payment?

Panwa: In case the printing house engaged to print the form which is subjected as contract work according to the Civil and Commercial Code section no 587, it is the service as the Revenue Code section no. 77/1(10). The tax point will be incurred when receive the payment except if it issued the tax invoice or used service by yourself or other one before receive payment, the tax point is incurred also. So, for the above case, the tax point have not yet been incurred.

Anyways, if you need further assistance for monthly tax filing, half-year tax filing and doing yearly tax, kindly note that we could assist for such click here.

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