​Judgment from Court – Duplication document

Service fee is Baht 5,000.

Person who can request are
  • Person who has filed the plaint against the court
  • Person who has been sued
  • Person who has the right to act on behalf of the person under 1 and 2
  • Attorney

Information must be known before requesting the duplicate judgment

  • Name of the court that has made decision or order
  • Black Case Number (undecided case number) or Red Case Number(decided case number) of First Instance Court

Required Document

  • Original and copy of ID card
  • In the case of giving authorization to someone to act on his behalf, the authorization representative must notify the case number of the Court of First Instance, the power of attorney attached with a copy of ID card with certified of applicant and authorization representative.


  • Contact staff at public service and public relations counter
  • Authorities fill in the details and verify the applicant’s rights in requesting for duplicate of the judgment / order during the courts
  • Duplicate the judgment or order from the court

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