I plan to setting up a company in Thailand with 10 million capital, can you please send us specifications of the requirements of the capital that we need to prove the source of the fund?

Panwa: With regards to the process of registration of the new company for the capital exceeding more than 5 million Baht, 100% by foreigner shareholders, please note that currently, the Department of Business Development (DBD) has just announced the new rule to prove the source of the fund in 2 steps as below;

  • The 1st step: when register the company, the director need to prove the document issued from the bank (through a bank certificate) under personal bank account, which shows the money same as the registration capital to prove that all of the shareholders already paid the share capital to the director and all of the money keep in the bank account of the director.
  • The 2nd step: after the company  is already registered, the company need to open bank account under the company’s name and the director transfer the money to that bank and after request the bank certificate same as the step 1, then submit to the government again within 15 days. 

In case that the registered capital is more than 5 Million Baht, we will charge the service fee for company registration case by case as it will take longer time to complete the process. Anyways, kindly study the procedures and the cost for setting up a company, click here

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