Our company’s group has recently been acquired by a new parent company. With that we are in the process of aligning our processes follow our new parent company. We will need to have the current Fiscal or accounting period change from ended 31st March 2020 to ending of 31st December 2020. Thus, for this matter, do we need to do the process of change accounting period first or do we need to submit this year’s financial statements first and proceed with the change of accounting period after?

Panwa: Please note that procedure for change of accounting period may take time around 1-3 months or more than that depend on case by case, so your company need to start to change the accounting period quickly for now so you could get approval before the end of year.  If in case you cannot get the approval before the end of the year, you need to submit for the same current period first until you get the approval. Moreover, we assist for many kinds of registration for the company changes, please click here.

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