The company has to submit delayed financial statements, how about the penalty?

Panwa : The penalty must be paid to both related agencies, The Revenue Department and The Department of Business Development.

The Revenue Department (RD) pay the penalty, together with the submission of  financial statements and P.N.D.50 at the company’s revenue office area. There will be a total penalty of 4,000 baht, such as for The Financial statements have the penalty of 2,000 baht and of P.N.D. 50 form of 2,000 baht (in case there is no tax to be paid). For an additional 1.5% per month (calculated on the basis of the tax payable).
For the Department of Business Development (DBD), in the case of late filing of statements and still haven’t received the letter or delayed notice for the payment of fines, it can be done by:
Wait for the mentioned letter from the police and bring it together when pay the penalty at the branch of the Department of Business Development, which there will be a maximum fine of 12,000 baht.
go to inform the Department of Business  Development’s officer the registration number of the company and the officer will directly check the amount of the penalty and pay immediately (But in this case, some branches of the Department of Development do not accept payments in cases where there is no letter from the police. Therefore have to wait for the police letter before payment can be made)

Anyways, please note that we could assist for paying of the penalty on behalf of your company in case your director is not convenient to go, click here.

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