Based on the THB150,000 tax threshold, does it mean that an employee having a monthly salary of THB 30,000 won’t be withheld tax until he/she works for the company for 5 months (if not consider allowance deduction here)?

Panwa : Yes,  you understood correctly, however we need to clarify that we make you confuse about the range of tax, which it will be 0-150,000 =exemption, 150,001 -300,000=5% etc. If not consider the personal expense and any allowance deduction, your employee won’t be withheld tax until working 6 months, but all employees must have personal expenses and personal allowances. Thus, if your employee has  a basic monthly salary of THB 30,000 and works for the company until 6 months, the tax will not be paid. Thus, we serve for personal income tax calculation and other related tax services please click here

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