I already registered the company last 2 years ago with 5 million capital, and I would like to modify the  Article of Association to classify the share to be common share and preferred share, please advise us if you can assist for this? 

Panwa: Please note that actually we will register for Modification of Article of Association for only the new company registration, due to if the company register already, it also can modify for only the case if increase capital only and the amount of the capital that can modify is only the part that just increase but the previous capital cannot modify, and that is very difficult to register for this case, please see my example for more of your understanding as below;

  • the current capital is 5 million (you cannot modify)
  • if you want to modify, so, you need to increase capital  first, example if you increase capital 2 million Baht, so you can modify only 2 million Baht to divide to be common shares and preferred share 

Thus, we could assist in the case that you would like to increase the registered capital of the company please click here.

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