Currently our accounting period is on the end of year following the calendar, I wonder if it’s possible to change of the financial year ending on June 30 for a better consolidation with other entities in our group. Could you please advise?

Panwa: Yes of course, we can assist you to change the accounting period from the ending of year to be the ending of June 30, which our fee is Baht 35,000-50,000 depending case by case (this fee is included in the fee for meeting/explaining to the tax officer), and it will take more time around 2-4 months to get approval from the tax officer if in case active company, due to the tax officer will send the letter to invite the director or someone who can explain and declare the documents to the tax officer before can get the approval from the 1st Department and after go through to the 2nd  Department (DBD). Besides from changing of accounting period, we also provide the services for changes or modification of business registration particulars, please click here. 


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