Company Document Search in Thailand – Registered Business Document Search

Thailand Company Documents – Panwa can search / duplicate / check all companies who registered in Thailand and translate to English version. The researched document will be sent via email within 2 her or 1 working day depend on kind of requested docuemnt search.

Service Fee by 4 packages

  • Package 1: Check for Existing company/ Registration date/ Registration number/ Company name/ Company directors/ Company address/ Authorized capital with English translation. For fee is Baht 1,400.
Our fee is Baht 1,400.

  • Package 2: To check for Existing company and others mentioned in Package A and will be translated into English version within 1 day. For fee is Baht 2,800.
Our fee is Baht 2,800.

  • Package 3: To check Existing company and other information in Thai and will be translated into English version within 1 day. For fee is Baht 3,250.
Our fee is Baht 3,250.

  • Package 4: To check for Balance Sheet and Income Statement of the past 3 years with English translation. For fee is Baht 1,600.
Our fee is Baht 1,600.

Service by case

  • Documents search at DBD, we start at rate Baht 2,000 and will be add Baht 200 for the second kind of documents and onwards.
  • Translation to English version, if need our fee charge at rate Baht 500 per page.

Thailand Company Documents can be duplicated consisted of: Company Affidavit, Company Certificate, Business Objective, Articles of Association, Company Seal, Memorandum of Association, Minutes of Statutory Meeting, Shareholders’ List, Financial Statement with auditor report, Shortly Comparison, Shortly Comparison, Unofficial Company Information

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