Thailand offers several investment incentives to both domestic and foreign investors to encourage economic growth and development. Here are some of the main investment incentives available in Thailand:

Tax incentives: Thailand offers various tax incentives to investors, including reduced corporate income tax rates for certain industries, exemption of import duties on machinery and raw materials, and a five-year corporate tax exemption for companies engaged in certain targeted activities.

Investment promotion: The Board of Investment (BOI) is the primary agency responsible for promoting investment in Thailand. The BOI offers various incentives, including tax holidays, exemptions or reductions of import duties on machinery and raw materials, and the right to own land.

Infrastructure incentives: The Thai government has invested heavily in developing infrastructure, including transportation networks, ports, and special economic zones. Investors who invest in these areas may be eligible for incentives, such as land allocation and reduced utility rates.

Workforce incentives: The Thai government offers various incentives to promote workforce development and training, including tax incentives for companies that provide training to their employees.

Regional incentives: The Thai government also offers incentives for investors who invest in specific regions, such as the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), which is a special economic zone that includes three provinces in the eastern part of Thailand.

Overall, Thailand offers a range of investment incentives to investors, and the specific incentives available may vary depending on the industry, location, and other factors. It is recommended to consult with legal and accounting professionals to understand the specific incentives that may be available for your business.

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