My company was incorporated for 12 years already , which we had not done any type of transaction/s , expenses and filings for this company yet. Moreover, as I checked on the DBD website, the current status of my company is “defunct” (unoccupied company), thus in case I would like to start doing business under this company, how do I proceed and how do I correct the filings?

Panwa: For this matter, please note that before you could start to do business with this company, the company must be revived first , which means that you need  the assistance of a lawyer to request the court to order the Registrar for putting back your company’s name on their system.  Please note that your side could normally request  the court to make your company alive again within 10 years after the date of crossing the company name from the register (as stated on our web link, item 3 of article no. 1273/1 , No. 1273/3 and 1273/4  of Civil and Commercial Code”), so  this year is the last year for you to request the court (calculated by counting the days).  

After the company is put back on the system, we could assist you for any financial and tax filings for the previous years and current, then you could proceed to do business.

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