We have problem for the notification letter of VAT return (PP.72) due to we just got it from the previous employee and it was issued long time already, please advise if we can pick up the cheque of VAT refund.

Panwa: Please note that normally the notification letter of VAT return (PP.72) is valid for 60 days after the date of approval on such letter, if it is late than the said date, your company need to prepare the following documents to submit to officer for re-issue the cheque; the process of this request approval takes around 1 month.

  1. the petition letter with the signature of authorized person (s) and company stamp
  2. the copy of the signed and seal notification letter of VAT return (PP.72) 
  3. if the authorized person(s) did not submit the above document by themselves, please prepare the additional document as following:
  4. the power of attorney with the signature of  grantor (s) (and company seal), grantee and witnesses, and attached the duty stamp in amount of Baht 10.
  5. the copy of affidavit with the signature of authorized person(s) and company seal
  6. the copy of Thai ID card or passport (if foreigner) for grantor (s) and grantee  with signature 


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