Verification of the suppliers’ factories in Thailand

Panwa can assist if you are looking for someone to help in visiting your supplier’s factory (office or place) in Thailand for supplier’s verification by visiting supplier factory or office to assure your purchasing decision.

Our starting service fee is Baht 10,000, however, for the actual price, we can discuss case by case.

*** Due to the Covid 19 situation, we can’t visit the supplier so we can’t serve at this moment.***

Scope of services

The sample scope as below, but for the actual scope will be set up case by case.

  1. Checking factory condition
    • Factory license
    • Product Certificate
    • Company documents (Incorporated document and export document)
    • Evidence documents including verifying the contact person
    • Factory environment
  2. Checking the products or goods
    • Checking the purchased products or goods (from original products)
    • Checking the condition of purchased products or goods
    • Checking the amount of goods
    • Checking the storage place
    • Checking the purchased products or goods are real or fake
    • Checking that the goods are in a good condition and kept in order for easy auditing
    • Checking that the trademark or description of each product are described clearly in order to count easily and correctly
  3. Activities inside the factory
    • Checking the production is real or fake
    • Checking the production line
    • Checking if have enough staff or not
    • Checking the number of machines and the condition of machines
    • Are all departments in the factory suitable enough?
  4. Data acquisition from outside people
    • Checking basic information from outside person
    • Checking the history of factory
    • Checking the factory presence
  5. Taking photo of the factory
    • Taking photo of the factory and surrounding
    • Taking photo of the production line, machine, and various department
    • Taking photo of the purchased products or goods
    • Taking photo with information provider(person) and place


For more information, please feel free to contact us:

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