We had refunded VAT from The Revenue Department, if our director cannot go to The Revenue department to pick – up the cheque directly, could we send someone to pick up the cheque on his behalf? And what kind of documents do we need to prepare for pick – up the cheque from the tax officer?

Panwa: Yes, you could send someone to pick-up the cheque on behalf of the director , which the required documents for pick-up are as:

2.1 power of attorney (as signed and affix with company stamp by the director)

2.2 Signed and stamped copy of ID card and or passport of the director 

2.3 The original VAT refund form (Por.Por. 72) that the director signed and affix the company seal

2.4  Company’s affidavit , as signed and stamped by company seal by the director

Thus, Panwa could also assist for such in case your director is not convenient to go and we also have some other services related to tax and accounting please click here.

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