I’m currently considering to set a company owned 100% by foreigner please advise us if you can assist for such service? and how much is your fee for this service ? How long is the process ?

Panwa: Please note that normally we can assist but not for all cases, due to for one case,  it takes more time around 3-8 months to complete the process and please note that before you can do the business, you need to apply FBL license first, which normally our starting fee is Baht 100,000-120,000 (not include the government fee and the cost for translation) depend on case by case, which we can advise more in detail later after you already decided to engage us.

Anyway, before we go for the process of company registration with 100% owned by foreign shareholders firstly, it would require to set up a limited company. Thus, if you are interested for our service please click here.

For more information, please feel free to contact us:
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