For applying money exchange license, Can you please send us specifications of the requirements of money exchange, what all is required there- like CCTV, name board, exchange rate board etc.?

Panwa: Please note that for the specifications for money exchange, kindly refer  as below;

Can operate business only at the authorized office address
Arrange the company’s signboard clearly which  it must be seen easily in front of the office which states the details as

Please show the authorized license that will be issued by Ministry of Finance at your office where it can be seen openly
Please keep the company’s signboard and keep at an open place where can be seen easily to show the daily buy and sell exchange rate of foreign currencies or traveler’s cheque that is payable in foreign currency for all currencies that the authorized person buy and sell.

Anyways, kindly note that if you need further assistance for applying money exchange license, we could assist for such click here.

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