We would like to check what are current regulations / requirements for issuing an invoice / Tax invoice / Receipt to Customer in Thailand?

Panwa  Please find our answers in orange as below.

 Eg:·       What’s the information is a ‘MUST’ indicate in the invoice?

Panwa : In accordance with the Revenue Code, there are no specific conditions regarding the information that must be included on the invoice. The seller and the buyer can indicate the information of goods or services that both of them agree to buy or use the service provide.

An invoice should need a signatories? If yes how may of person(s)? Who are the person(s)?

Panwa : No, an invoice does not require signatories and there is no any specific responsible person(s) who needs to sign on the invoice, it will depend on the assignment of the company. However, for the issuance of the tax invoice, the company must issue it to comply with the condition specific in accordance with the Revenue Department such as;

  • The word “Tax invoice” is clearly shown.
  • The number of tax invoice.
  • The date of issuance of tax invoice.
  • Indication of the Tax id number of the seller and the buyer.
  • Indication of the name, address, head office/branch of the seller and the buyer.
  • Indication of the name/quantities/the amount of goods or services.
  • The amount of VAT of goods or services that calculate separately from the amount of goods/services.

* The signatories on the tax invoice are not required in accordance with the Revenue Code.  

  • If we would like to implement electronic invoice / Tax invoice / Receipt in future, is it possible?


  •       Original signature change to e-signature instead.
  •       Original company stamp change to e-company stamp.

Panwa: Due to a signature and company’s stamp are not required in the invoice in accordance with the Revenue Code, it will depend on the company’s  consideration to use e-signature/e-company stamp.

  •       Original hard copy change to soft copy that send to customer

Panwa: Sending the soft copy of tax invoice to the customer is currently not acceptable  because the customer still need to get the original hard copy for claiming vat purpose, except the company will register to join the e-tax invoice system of the Revenue Department.

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