We have a shelf company in Chiang Mai but the tax documents have not been filed for many years. There has been no trading and our original lawyer has never contacted us about filing documents for many years (around 12 years I believe as we didn’t realize it was needed for a dormant company), and my lawyer inform me that this company is already defunct (unoccupied company), if I would like to keep the company alive to start the new business again? please advise if you can assist for this matter?

Panwa: Please note that if you would like to make this company alive again, you need the assistance of a lawyer to request the court to order the Registrar for putting back your company’s name (as stated on our web link, item 1 you could refer to our website click here. Please note that we have experience with lawyer to request the court for this matter; if you are interested, please advise and we will recommend you the lawyer.

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