I would like to buy a shelf company and I have further more question relating to the age of company, Is there benefit if the company is older? (i.e. 3 years instead of 1 year old). If there is benefit,  I would prefer to have older company.

Panwa: Kindly note that there is not much difference and or benefits with having an older company, except for :

  1. An older company (such as 3 years old) would maybe  more beneficial when you present your company’s profile to clients, which most clients they trust older companies more than the new companies. Or 
  2. If in case you plan to apply work permit, older company would be better for applying for visa and work permit than a new company due to most immigration and or labor officers tends to be more strict with the requirements when the company is just new, due to they will require a lot of document such as financial statements,   SSO forms or tax form and etc.  

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