Shelf company , ready made company for sale

The ready made company (shelf company) can be transferred to you within 1 working day, with this option you’re no need to prove the investment fund and can get bank account in the same or next day, all companies is free of liability and most of them were held by us more than 2 years so you can feel free for liability and completed filling both financial statement and its tax return.

We have over 10 companies on hand start at a few month to 7 years old company, you can look into detail as below:

Further information – Ready-made Company for Sale

In order to transfer (take over) the above ready made company, your side must have;

  • Thai shareholder at minimum 1 Thai for holding the shares at least 51%, case of need we also can find the proper Thai.
  • Company address, case of need our address for temporary is Baht 18,000 per year.
Why many investors are interested for buying Ready-made company
Comparison Buying a ready-made company Register a new company
Requirements (such as director, shareholder, address, witnesses ,capital)
  • Can modify/change some details of the company, such as directors, 3 shareholders, address and capital
  • No need for the 2 Thai witnesses
  • No need for the Thai shareholder to present bank certificate


  1. Case of need address for company address we can provide with the fee of Baht 18,000 per year.
  2. Majority hold shares by foreigner can be modify too.




Need to provide

  • director(s),
  • your company’s capital amount,
  • 3 shareholders (foreign shareholders to hold 49% of the shares and Thai shareholder to hold 51% of the shares; can either be 2 foreign shareholders and 1 Thai or vice versa),
  • address and
  • 2 Thai witnesses


  1. Case of need address for company address we can provide with the fee of Baht 18,000 per year.
  2. Thai shareholder, need to present bank certificate showing that she/he has the enough funds on his personal account, follow the shareholding percentage he/she has.
Visiting and Signing in Thailand We would request only the authorized director(s) to come to Thailand to sign the documents All the directors, shareholders and witnesses must come to Thailand (our office) to sign the documents


Processing and Timeline



1 working day if not change the company name.

Anyway if need to change company’s name you can let us know in advance before visiting Thailand we will reserve the name which has time 2 days for approval and then when you come Thailand we can start to register within the day of arrival.

3 working days (include set-up of new company and open bank account),depend on the approval of the company name, which we normally request in advance so we could check and reserve first
Corporate Bank account (Saving account and internet banking) Next day after Ready-made company is completed for transferring. Next day after company registration is completed.
Company’s profile and background

In case you would like to present to your client a much older company, this option is better.

We have up to 9 years old company and many kind of business are available for sale.

Just the newly set-up company, if present to clients, you could present the incorporation documents of the company first and you could create the company’s profile.



Q1: im looking to buy a BOI ready company . Please contact me ASAP. Thank you

Panwa: We have only ready made company, all are ordinary companies. You can use this company to start to apply BOI later or you can apply under your individual name FIRST and use such company to apply for the BOI later

Q2: I will fly tomorrow and need this company to apply and reference for seminar on the day next.., how fast ? and possible to bring together?

Panwa: If you accept to USE the same name, we can complete all within tomorrow noon and we can send you the riginal company documents anywhere in Bangkok that you could meet our messenger.

Q3: Does the company to be eligible for a loan application?

Panwa: We recommend you to learn THE “Bank’s loan approval criteria” by discussing with the bank officer and then you can choose from our available companies for sale which we have a few month old until 10 years old company.

Q4: Our nature business is electronics trading wholesale and retail, I will manage in Thailand aloan so my brother will be the partner. Does he need to come Thailand if we chose one of your existing company?

Panwa: Your business must have minimum 3 shareholders; 1 Thai shareholder that will hold 51% shares and your brother can be foreign shareholders with 49%. , as you will mange the ocmpany with position of  directorship so your brother no need to sign or come to Thailand.

Q5: If my brother no need to come, what’s kind of document to sign or keep?

Panwa: Only “Share Transfer Agreement” he need to sign and keep in safe place.