If buy a ready-made company, what is the maximum capital that we can adjust/increase on the company?

Panwa: Please note that the limit to the amount of capital that the company is allowed to increase is usually decided upon when the company is set up or in case, when you buy the company, meaning it has no maximum limit, it will depend on your side (once we have transferred the company to you) how much you would like to increase. Moreover, please note that in case of increase capital more than Baht 5 million, the company must present the evidence of source of funds that shows the amount paid for shares which follow 2 options as below;
• In case of investment by cash, the company must provide or present Bank certificate from the bank under company’s bank account showing the money as the same increased capital.
• In case of invest by Asset, the company must provide the evidence as proof that they already transferred the asset to the company before registration for increase capital, such as if invest by the land, the evidence is title deed, must show the finished transferring of the owner already to the company, before we register for increase paid up capital at the (DBD)

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