Address for Company Registration in Thailand

Bangkok and Phuket by Panwa Group

Fee: We offer our address services for usage of company registration on the following options:
Usage of address for the purpose of company registration ONLY is Baht 18,000 per year.
For mails correspondence – free of charge for informing by take photo and be sent via email and then you can come to pick up in your company’s mailbox.
But for full range of mails correspondence service such as handling mails address to the company by informing you the details by phone or email at the end of each day (4.30 P.M. to 5.00 P.M.). Upon your approval, we will open the mail and be scanned to you via email. If you do not allow us to open any mail, we will just inform you the details of the received mail particularly the sender and can support for pass to you through messenger or by post. Our extra charge is Baht 140 per day of informing (no limit on number of mails).


• Currently in Bangkok, we can provide address for company registration without VAT registration and Social Security Fund registration, case of need VAT and SSF must be discussed case by case.
• The extra charge does not include other cost such as the courier/ postal expense/ travelling cost incurred in sending mails, will be charged on actual basis.

The required documents, Panwa will provide you 1 set of below lists of documents for your next step of registration.
1. Copy of Household Certificate or “Tabien Baan” of Panwa Group Office Building (1 copy certified by the building owner)
2. Copy of the Letter of Consent issued by the owner of Panwa Group Office Building to the Company. (1 original set)
3. Copy of ID card of the owner of Panwa Group Office Building (1 copy certified by the building owner)
4. Copy of house number application which showing the name of the owner of Panwa Group Office Building, to proof of ownership of Panwa Group Office Building, (1 copy certified by the owner building).
5. Map showing location of Panwa Group Office Building (1 copy)
6. Pictures of the Panwa Group Office Building showing a house number and your company’s signboard inside.


*** Currently we can provide address for company registration only (without VAT and SSF registration), anyway for some case we can provide for all but depend on case by case.****

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Address for mail correspondence in Thailand

We do provide our address not only for company registration but also correspondence for coming of mail, phone call and etc., but the fee and scope of service is same as above.
Remark: If no mail coming there is no charge, or in case the mail coming is not exceeding 12 times a year there is no charge too.


Scope of service:

1. We provide our address for your company/business registration.
2. Our address consist of address in Bangkok, Phuket, Songkla-Hatyai, Nonthaburi, Chumporn, Chiangmai, Chiangrai Rayong, Chachoengsao, Samutprakan, Samutsakorn, Samutsongkram, Pathumthani, Nonthaburi, Ayutthaya, Saraburi, Udonthani.
3. Case of usage of address and handling and diverting mails, our team will response you via email or call within 1 working day and also depend on your request we can scan and send you via email.


Package for doing business in Thailand

Easy doing business through services provided by Panwa Group of companies.
Your assurance of our credibility is our experiences in supporting foreign investors to do business in Thailand over a decade, with Panwa, doing business is easy and affordable; no need to visit here, no need to have office and staff. We are available to serve you with our long-time experience and qualified staff. We are ready to support your business activities in Thailand by proposing the best option for you as below:


Option 1, Dormant company

Dormant Company means a company without any business activity; most of dormant company has purpose to standby for doing business,
Scope of service:
Accounting, Auditing and Yearly Tax is Baht 1X,000 per year (be change during high season April and May), more information please visit our website at:
Fee: as mention on our website at:


Option 2, Active Company (in Operation) – Accounting, Tax and Auditing

Although your business activities are already active, you are able to control the management and financial from oversea, no need to have an office or staff here in Thailand, we can do all on your behalf.
Scope of services and Fee;
1. Accounting and monthly tax service fee start at rate Baht 8,000.
2. Auditing service start at rate Baht 30,000 per year.
3. Case of request monthly financial statement the extra charge will be added.


Option 3, Active Company (in Operation) with assistance in financial function

Scope of services and Fee:
1. Accounting and tax service fee start at rate Baht 8,000 per month.
2. Contact Bank, Invoicing, Billing, Collection, payment to vendor or supplier and etc on your behalf, (For the scope of clerical business work), our fee star at the rate Baht 15,000 per month.


Option 4, Financial Function Control, below is sample package we have served to our customers:

Option A: (Trust Account Package)
Scope of services:
1. We will open bank account under “Panwa Group Co., Ltd.”, for usage under the business activities of your company.
2. Anytime requested by you to do settlement or transferring, we will issue the letter for your approval and then we will proceed settlement or transferring on your behalf.
3. End of each month or anytime requested by you, we will prepare the movement report for your reference/rechecking.
4. The bank statement will be sent to you immediately when we obtain it from bank.
5. Anytime when complete of settlement or transferring, we will scan receipt of bank for your reference.
Fee: start at rate Baht 15,000 per month.

Option B: (Customer Service and Financial Function Package)
1) Issue the quotation and send to customer with follow up later (price and conditions will be handled by Sales)
2) Once PO is accepted by Customer, Panwa team (Customer Service) needs to arrange for stock delivery with warehouse/transporter. Also, Panwa will handle for the proper set of Delivery Order (DO) and Tax Invoice to pass to truck driver.
3) Upon delivery, the truck driver needs to make sure customers stamp 2 sets of documents (tax invoice/DO) and return to Panwa Team.
5) Upon receipt of the stamped DO & tax invoice, Panwa Team (Financial)needs to prepare billing (invoice) to finance department of customer (including copy of the stamped tax invoice).
6) Customers will indicate payment date on the billing invoice and return a copy to Panwa Team.
7) Follow up on payment
8) Once customer paid, Panwa will collect cheque and deposit to your company’s bank account and then Panwa Team will issue receipt to customers.
9. End of the month, we will summarize for both daily working detail and financial detail.
Fee: start at rate Baht 22,000 per month.

Option C: Up on your request for scope of working.



Q1: Is there a way to have an office address for our company registration due to this moment the building owner is not allow until our company are already setting up.

Panwa: Yes, we can provide an address for your company registration our fee is Baht ______ per year and this fee will be collected in advance.

Q 2: I heard that VAT certificate cannot be issued if the company uses as its address of the office of an accounting or legal firm, if I prefer to use your address for this company registration is it possible?

Panwa: we did not provide you the address of accounting or legal firm. Below is our address:
• Panwa Accounting address is No. 4/1 Soi Latphrao 52, Latphrao Road
• Panwa Auditing address is No. 1560 Latphrao RoadBut this addresses for providing you for company registration iis No. 3 Soi Latphrao 52, Latphrao Road. Actually, we’ve known this rule so we decide to supply another address which the past we rent out for office space; you can look into this like for address No. 3 at below link:

Q3: Do you have address to provide at Phuket for company registration?

Panwa: We have many options for virtual address in Phuket, you can choose as below.
1. Only address for company registration is Baht 18,000 per year. Location only Jaofha road, Muang District, Phuket.
2. Address for company registration with VAT registration and Social Security Fund registration, our fee is Baht 28,000 per year. Location only Jaofha road, Muang District, Phuket.
3. Address for company registration with VAT, SSF and Visa and work permit application, our fee is Baht 50,000 for the first year and Baht 36,000 for the second year and onward. This option we provide space with office equipment for 5 months until company successfully apply and then we provide only address. Currently is full.
4. Home Office at Patong and Saiyuan – Naiharn zone, with the fee for Baht 18,000 to 20,000 per month, can be used for company registration and other.


For more information, please feel free to contact us:
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We would kindly like to inform that in substitution of the celebration of Visakha Bucha, we are taking some day off from our regular working schedule and we will not be working on June 5, 2023 (Monday). We will be back to work on June 6, 2023 (Tuesday).

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