We saw the news that the cabinet approved a new measure to create jobs as the government tries to revive an economy devastated by the coronavirus pandemic. With regards to hiring the new graduate and the government will help to pay 50% of wage. We are interested in this program. Could you please explain to us about this measure?

Panwa: The conclusion and the procedure for joining of the program are as below. 

1)     The new graduate and employer/enterprise must also register to join with the program on system “Co-payment”

2)     The employer must clarify in the program for the job position needed and the number of employees that needs to be hired.

3)     The program will check the information of registers either the new graduate and the enterprise that they have the attribute in accordance to the program or not such as:

– The enterprise must be registered in the SSO program.

– The new graduate must not be more than 25 years old and never register into the SSO program.

4)     The program will match the requirement of the new graduate and the employer after both registered in the system of the program. If the program found the matched requirement, it will accept both parties to download and upload the employment agreement into the system.

5)     The officer will check the employment agreement between both parties again. If it is correct, they will approve for the employment for 1 year starting from October 1, 2020 to September 30, 2021.

 6)     The employer/enterprise and the government will pay 50% of wage each to the employee follow the minimum wage rate according to the law such as:

– The minimum wage rate for Bachelor degree is Baht 15,000, the government will pay Baht 7,500 and the employer must pay 7,500 Baht.

 7)     The payment to employee must be organized through the Krungthai Bank PCL that the employee opened under the condition for joining with the program and then the employer must send the evidence for wage payment to employee to the Department of Employment within the 1st date of the following month. The government will pay 50% of their part to the employee’s bank account within 5 days after they received the evidence for payment from the employer/enterprise. If you need more information please call to call center of the Ministry of Labour, Tel. 1506 extension 2 (the Department of Employment).

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