Duplication Title Deed 

Panwa Group, we serve for duplication of title deed which our service fee and the required documents are as below

Our service fee:

4,000 Baht not include the traveling fee in case the land is located in out of Bangkok

Government fee

  • Duplication fee Baht 20
  • Certification of document fee Baht 5 per page
  • Copy of title deed fee (NorSor.3 Kor and NorSor.3) Baht 6 per page
  • Witness fee Baht 20

Timeline:  1 day

Required documents

  • Request application form
  • Title deed number
  • Land number
  • Survey page (หน้าสำรวจ)
  • District area of the land is located
  • Purpose of the duplication of the title deed

Document submission location; District area where the land is located

For more information, please feel free to contact us:

Phone: +66 2 933 9000

Whats'app: +66 8 5713 1000

Fax: +66 2 933 6120

Email: bkk@panwa.co.th