Title Deed search and Land search Thailand

Panwa Group of Companies have the professional team as the skilled officer and attorney to assist you and covering with the following services.



  • Our fee: Baht 4,000 for the first Title Deed and plus Baht 400 for the second and onwards each. Case of need translation from Thai to English is Baht 800 per page.
  • Case of need only 1 Title Deed you can choose our Package T1 as below.

Package T1: Duplicate for 1 Title Deed (with 2 pages translation) of Land or Condominium at Land Department, this Title Deed is un-certify by Land’s Officer. You have to provide us for “Title Deed No.”, “Location (District and Province)” or case of condominium is “Unit No.”, “Name of Condo” and Location (District and Province).

Our fee is Baht 5,000


Or transfer to our bank:

Account No: 010-308-564-0
Bank: Siam Commercial Bank (SCB Bank)

*Email: bkk@panwa.co.th , corporate@panwa.co.th to inform details of your need. Best Regards, Mr. Tana Sipa.


Other Services – Land Department, we can serve:

  • Land search, Title Deed search, Land title record, do duplication from Land Department.
  • Make a copy of title deed, take a photo on title deed, and affirm on the copy of title deed, examine the validation of title deed.
  • Make a copy of Nor Sor 3 Kor (N.S.3K) and also copy of Nor Sor 3 (N.S.3) or called as certificate of utilization.
  • Examine the ownership of adjoining title deed.
  • Take a photo of cadastral map, inquire the land location, map of land parcel (N.S.3K and N.S.3).
  • Make a copy of land sale contract.
  • Take a photo or make a copy of mortgage contract.
  • Make a copy or take a photo of dealing file of land at Department of Lands
  • Make a copy of memorandum of transferred right to take a mortgage.
  • Investigate for the appraisal cost.
  • Examine the transfer fee or inquire the transfer fee of land, transfer fee of heritage.
  • Prepare the contract of ownership in condominium.
  • Provide the service being as agent or representative as plaintiff, defendant to raise an objection in land auction.
  • Provide the service being as agent or representative to negotiate for the dispute in land, title deed, N.S.3K and N.S.3 and right to possess the land and others.


Government Fees at Department of Lands

  • Fee for copy of title deed equals to 20 Baht (Twenty Baht)
  • Fee for certified the copy of document equals to 5 Baht (Five Baht) per page
  • Fee for taking a photo of title deed (N.S.3K and N.S.3) equals to 6 Baht (Six Baht) per page


Timeline to process work:

If it processes in Bangkok or Phuket, Bangkok and nearby provinces, it will take 1 working day.


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Urgent or special case, please contact at:
Mr. Tana Call (or WhatsApp): +66 81 919 6225
Email: bkk@panwa.co.th
Office: +66 2933 9000


Q1: I need the owner of the real estate property (condominium) on June 6, 2020 and the owner’s history until the current owner, and the reason why the owner has changed.

Panwa: Yes, we can provide you the information of owner’s history until the current owner, but for the reason actually don’t mention inside the title deed.

Q2: I need the owner of the condominium unit at Phuket on March 1, 2022 and the owner’s history until the current owner, and the reason why the owner has changed.

Panwa: Yes, we can provide you the information of owner’s history until the current owner, but for the reason actually don’t mention inside the title deed.

Q3: I need help finding what property someone owns in Bangkok, address, value, etc. Would you be able to help? I need information for Property address, Size of land and house, Current value, Date of purchase or transfer.

Panwa: We can only duplicate or search for “Land or Condo title deed” which contained information of:  Title Deed’s number, Bookpage number, location (District and Province), Diagram of land, abstract of title, type of registration (sale or mortgage), area of rand, transferer, transferee.

Q4: I owned a land in Phuket and long time I never go there, this land was registered under my Thai company, can you check the ownership of this land on my behalf?

Panwa: Yes, we can help you to duplicate the Title Deed (the latest) from the Land Department. We have package T1 above and you can get the Thai and English translation. In Thailand, in many cases the Land Department can re-issue a new Title Deed to replace such as the person who stays on land longer than 10 years or the latest owner can ask to issue a new Title Deed.

Even though the name is registered under your company name, you also have to protect the ownership disputation of your company too because I believe the holding structure is 49%: 51% (Foreigner: Thai), if you need to know more detail, I will explain to you later.

Q5: I have 1 condo located in Bangkok but its title deed is lost. I would appreciate if you could provide your confirmation that the replacement title deed can be officialy issued as legal title deed.

Panwa: Yes, …. (all answer clice here)


For more information, please feel free to contact us:

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