The Company would like to discuss that the period of keeping VAT documents is the same as with the period of keeping accounting documents; at least 5 years or not?

Panwa: Please note that According to the Accounting ACT B.E. 2543, the one who has duty to prepare the accounting should keep the accounting documents at least 5 years (since the date of closing accounts or until provide the account document) but it is not over than 7 years for audit benefit. For the VAT documents, the  registrant should keep it at least 5 years since the date of filing VAT return or the date of preparing VAT report depend on each case and in the case of approved consideration, the Director-General of Revenue Department can determine to keep more than 5 years but it should not be over more than 7 years according to Revenue Department Code section no. 87/3. Thus, we provide for company documents storage services cases of your company is closed (liquidated) or still in the operation please click here


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