Goods imported into Thailand are subject to customs duty, which is a tax imposed by the Thai government on imported goods. The rate of customs duty depends on the type of goods, the country of origin, and the value of the goods.

In addition to customs duty, imported goods may also be subject to other taxes and fees, including value-added tax (VAT), excise tax, and other taxes depending on the type of goods being imported. The VAT rate for imported goods is currently set at 7%.

Importers must also comply with various regulations and requirements, including safety and quality standards, labeling requirements, and import restrictions on certain goods.

It is important for importers to be aware of all applicable taxes, fees, and regulations when importing goods into Thailand, as non-compliance can result in penalties, fines, and legal issues. The Thai Customs Department provides various resources and services to assist importers with the import process, including customs clearance services and online import declaration services.

Panwa can’t serve for the Thai Customs Department but we can recommend the trustable shipping and forwarding company. Anyway if you are needed the “import – export license” as called “paperless code”, we can provide with the fee of Bath ______.

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