​Foreigners who plan to operate business activities or plan to stay longer more than 30 days must apply for visas in order to get longer stays in Thailand. In case of applying for business visas, the permitted stay period is from 1 month to maximum 3 years, depending on the travel purposes and the validity of the passport.

Panwa can assist for preparation of required company documents for applying business visas from your home country. We can discuss case by case depend on your nationality and documents required by your home country’s Thai embassy.

Service Fee is 10,000 Baht

Below sample is for India nationality only.

Indian Nationality – Required documents for applying Non-Immigrant Business visa


                    Travel Documents and Pictures

  • Validity of passport should be more than 18 months for 6 months to 1 year visas.
  • A complete Visa Application form with the original signature of the applicant.
  • Two recent photographs of applicant size – 3.5×4.5cm, white background & matt finish, with applicant’s signature on the back.
  • A photocopy of the return confirmed travel ticket.
  • Proof of residence in India (for non-Indian passport holders)
                  Proof of Adequate Finance
  • Bank statement of six months (must be original or attested by the bank) with equivalent minimum current balance to USD 700 per person.


  • Proof of hotel/ accommodation reservation in Thailand with contact number and address. If staying at Company’s accommodation, must provide the Company’s letter mentioning the address and contact information of the mentioned accommodation.
                  Business Documents
  • Invitation Letter from Thai company specifying the name of the applicant, the purpose of travel, complete travel plan for 1-3 years, and the period of the Meeting/conference. The letter must be on the company’s letter head indicating applicant’s name, passport details with valid date.
  • Thai company’s profile.
  • Thai company’s registration papers with a list of shareholders issued no more than 6 months. (DBD papers)
  • Thai company’s business & income tax papers (Por Ngor Dor 20 and/or Por Ngor Dor 50/30 of latest tax payment year.)
  • Thai Company’s balance sheet from the past year (Document must be in Thai)
  • If the company is newly established and does not have Tax papers then require a letter from Thai company stating the mentioned facts. The letter must be stamped and signed by executive level with attached copy of ID proof or passport.
  • If the applicant is self-employed, he or she must provide documentation of his or her business undertaking and income in India including Business License/
  • Registration and detail of business operation, VAT/Service Tax Registration Certificate, and evidence of income tax payment in India where applicable.
  • Corporate documents of associated partners/ companies in Thailand and India. (If applicable)

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